Frequently Asked Questions

Will Apalachin Fire Department fill my swimming pool?

Under a couple conditions.  First it is policy that no fire apparatus will be used to fill swimming pools. This is to ensure the apparatus are available for emergency use . Next, if an AFD member is willing to volunteer his/her own time to help you they are authorized to utilize certain resources from AFD to assist with filling a pool from a hydrant. Finally, it is up to the owner of the pool to obtain the permit from the Town of Owego for permission to draw water from the hydrant.

Can Apalachin Fire Department pump the water out of my basement after it floods?

Unfortunately, no. This is to ensure the safety of our members, protection of the resident’s home from infrastructure damage and the availability of the apparatus for emergencies. The department does have small portable pumps which may be loaned to Apalachin residents at the Chief’s discretion. These units are limited in quantity.