Joining AFD

The challenge of time. It would be a lie if we tried to tell you that volunteering with the fire department wouldn’t take any time. What we want to show you is that the time needed is not as great as you may believe.

Fill out and submit a membership application. If you are having trouble opening the application, copies can be picked up at our main station at 230 Pennsylvania Ave. Once the application form is submitted to AFD, an interview will be conducted, a background check will be completed and a vote by active members will be completed to accept the new member. The application will then proceed to the fire district commissioners where the application will be voted upon by the commissioners. After the commissioners approve the application then an initial medical examination will be provide at no cost to the applicant. Once approved and medically cleared, you must complete a set of training sessions that teach you the mandatory OSHA and safety topics you must know to safely respond to emergencies. This effort will take you approx 10 hrs of training over 5 weeks (one night a week).