Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent the fire hall?

The fire station #1 training room is available for use by the community, currently at no cost, provided some conditions are met.  The activity must be conducted during daytime hours when a member of the department is available to open the building. The activity must be non-profit in nature, and it will be reviewed for appropriateness to be hosted at the station (i.e. no political activity, nothing that would bring embarrassment to the department or district, and no alcohol may be served on premises).  There are other rules involved.  Contact the fire station to inquire further.

Will Apalachin Fire Department fill my swimming pool?

Unfortunately, no.  The fire department has, in the past, filled pools using fire hydrants, but we can no longer offer this service.

Can Apalachin Fire Department pump the water out of my basement after it floods?

Unfortunately, no. This is to ensure the safety of our members, the protection of the resident’s home from infrastructure damage, and the availability of the apparatus for emergencies.