Why Volunteer?

In the simplest of terms, Volunteering is a dedicated commitment by an individual for the positive benefit of others. Only the individual can truly know why he or she chooses to become a volunteer. There are many who will say because it feels good to help others. Some may say they like the excitement and the challenges they face. Others may say my parent or grandparent, brother or sister volunteered… But only you, the individual, will really know why you want to volunteer. We encourage you to talk with our members and to consider volunteering with one of the longest volunteer traditions in the country.

Beyond Fighting Fires

OK, so you do not want to enter a burning building and fight a fire but don’t cut yourself short with what you can do! With good training, leadership and some self confidence you can do it!!

But if this is really not what you want to do, then keep reading. There are numerous ways in which an individual can volunteer with our fire department. So many that it would be very hard to list them all here, yet here are a few key examples:

Emergency Medical Providers (EMTs and Paramedics)

As the medical needs of our community increases so does the demand for personnel with the valuable skills to care for them. This skill is currently our greatest need!!

Skills needed: 17 yrs or older (can begin training at 16), compassion for others, completion of New York State certification (required) and completion of specific department training (free). All required classes are paid for by the fire department.

Ambulance Drivers

The driver is a specific skill needed to assist medical providers with the means to care for and the safe transport of a patient to the hospital.

Skills needed: 18 yrs or older, clean driving record, completion of specific department training (free) and highly encouraged NYS Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) training, which is free.

Apparatus Drivers (Fire Trucks)

With the need for more and more skills to be utilized by advanced trained individuals, this skill becomes its own specialization. This skill can be compared to large city fire departments who have designated apparatus driver/operator responsible for knowing how to operate the apparatus and equipment that it carries.

Skills needed: 18-21 yrs of age (depends on vehicle size/weight), clean driving record, willingness to become highly knowledgeable for apparatus capabilities, the equipment carried and dedication to safe transport of department members. As with all our vehicles it is highly encouraged to complete the NYS Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) training along with any specific department training. CDL license is a bonus but not required.


Within the fire service this is a wide label and is commonly used to describe a volunteer member of a fire department. With the description of firefighter comes many roles and capabilities; from a firefighter who is qualified to fight structural fires, those with specialized rescue skills dealing with motor vehicle accidents, technical rescues or someone trained for hazardous materials. With so many areas to be an expert in there is always a need for more firefighters with the various skills needed for any problem we may face.

Skills needed: 16 yrs or older, completion of specific department training followed by the various classes you are interested in learning from NY state fire instructors.

Fire Police

During most emergency calls there will be a need to maintain traffic flow and / or scene control of non-emergency personnel. The fire police are this first line designated as a means to control the situation the fire department was called to resolve.

Skills needed: 18 yrs or older, completion of specific department training followed by the required NYS class specific to fire police operations.

There are many other ways to help us, and the way it is best for you to help is really best left to a discussion with you directly. This lets us understand what you are interested in doing, any skills you have and how the skills you already have could best be utilized in the fire department’s goal to serve our community.